I started my sound journey at a young age. At age 15, I completed an internship at Romanian national radio station Europa FM. I have experience working for B-RAD, the student-run radio station at Bennington College in Public Relations. Also on B-RAD I was the host and DJ for 3 different radio shows: Feel Yourself Friday, the Hangover Pill and Around the World. I have a 3-year experience in sound work, podcasting, and experimental pieces. My mentors include professionals Thom Loubet, Senem Pirler and Jen Liu. It is important to my work to conduct it through a multicultural and gender lens. Check out my SoundCloud for podcasts I have made during my studies and stay tuned for future projects!

„Colectiv” (2021)

The journalistic piece investigates the connection between Romanian people and the country’s leading power institutions. The COVID pandemic shed light on many insecurities for countries around the world. Therefore, the scandals in the public medical system of Romania re-opened a chapter of our history: Colectiv. Listen for an insightful, critical, and personal look at how power overcomes responsibility.

This podcast was created for the „Creative Podcasts” course of Spring 2021 at Bennington College. Many thanks to Senem Pirler for mentorship.

„Lethargic Joy” – COVID 19 Diaries/ Short Experimental Piece (2020)

This experimental audio piece is a journey into my experience of the past month living with the „new normal” of the pandemic as part of the Romanian diaspora. It portrays the lethargy of repetition, the lack of clarity of these times, as well as the joy of reconnecting with family. The sounds used are recordings of phone conversations with my family and the ever-present white noise of my current living space.

Produced for the course „Experimental Radioplay” of Spring 2020 at Bennington College. Many thanks to Senem Pirler for mentorship.”Lethargic Joy” – COVID19 Diaries (Short Experimental Piece)

„Whose Choice is My Choice?” (2019)

This audio piece discusses the topic of abortion from a cultural, social and political perspective. It introduces the situation of abortion in Communist and post-Communism Romania, as well as the situation of abortion in 21st century USA. By also including a religious standpoint, this piece tries to capture a meaningful understanding of opposing perspectives on the topic of abortion. 

This podcast was created for the „Reinventing Radio” course with Thom Loubet in Spring of 2019 at Bennington College.

„Whose Choice is My Choice?” Podcast

„Is This Misophonia?” (Short Experimental Piece) (2019)

A short experimental piece about what living with Misophonia is like. Not enough research was made for this piece, as it was made for a course in the duration of a week. In case it misrepresents misophonia in any way I deeply apologize and kindly ask you to reach out if you so wish and let me know how I could modify the experience and make it more accurate.

„Misophonia is a disorder in which certain sounds trigger emotional or physiological responses that some might perceive as unreasonable given the circumstance. Those who have misophonia might describe it as when a sound “drives you crazy.” Their reactions can range from anger and annoyance to panic and the need to flee.”

„Is This Misophonia?” (Short Experimental Piece)
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