What I wish I had known before leaving home

This time last year I started writing a sort of diary on my phone in the notes section. I was writing about my feelings before going to China, leaving my friends and family, mixed emotions and the expectations I had. Re-reading it a year later, I realized how I wish someone would’ve told me that everything will be alright in the end. I was going through the lines just thinking „poor me!”. So for all my firsties and all firsties out there, or just for anyone leaving their home at an early age, here are some things I wish I had known myself before leaving home.

Changshu Challenge during Orientation Week (:

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Launching „In High School in China”



It happened! After more than half a year of planning the project, editing the answers of people in United World College Changshu China, also known as my second home, finalizing conclusions and preparing for the big day, „In High School in China” has finally launched in Bucharest, Romania. Even though I have been working on this for such a long time, it is still unbelievable how quickly time has passed. This time last year I was saying good-byes before starting my 中国 (China) experience and now I am planning a summer full of IAs, EE drafts, college apps and other not really fun stuff. Among all of these not very summery expectations, the day of the launch of the book was a delightful experience, which only made me appreciate what I am living at the moment even more. Stick with me to read about the event through my eyes.

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