My film journey has started from a very young age. In fact, my CV reflects the amount of acting experience that has helped me benefit from a holistic image of the cinematographic process: casting, costumes, make-up, acting, etc. My 10-year work in theater and recent experience in sound production complements my knowledge in video production. In my Bachelor’s program, I completed a Screenwriting course with Manuel Gonzales and outside of Bennington College, I completed a Copywriting course with professional Ana-Maria Gheorghe. My technical knowledge, as well as my filming, directing, editing and producing experience was acquired in an introductory class with professional Jen Liu.


This short piece is a commentary on Romania’s rape culture. A reading of the poem “Lovely” by Jennifer Williams, translated into Romanian, aims to give meaningful insight into a woman’s mind when being catcalled, when being verbally abused and when feeling unsafe in her own environment. The piece makes use of red lighting, expressing danger but also femininity, and of projection tools, showing pictures and clips of raped, kidnapped, and killed women throughout the history of the country. The end of the piece consists of a shift from women’s loss of ownership over their voice caused by abuse to a regaining of strength, portrayed by a series of videos projected on the subject consisting of symbols of femininity. With a focus on issues originating from the recent couple of decades, this piece is personal to the creator, a woman who grew up in post-Communist Romania.


A short video about the journey to self-love.

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