About me

I am currently an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Media, Communications and Chinese at Bennington College in Vermont, USA. I have vast experience in media, particularly on portraying multicultural and gender issues in video work and podcasts. My activity pertains to areas such as: publishing, research, political PR & communications, gender studies, and leadership. My multicultural volunteering experience in teaching (in Poland, China and Romania) and TEFL certification qualify me as a trusted educator and leader.

In April 2020 I founded “Her Time România”, an intersectional feminist community, the first NGO supporting young women towards leadership through networking in România. To attain these goals, HerTime provides a community for over 10,000 members of support, informs young audiences on various gender and social issues, and amplifies women’s voices.

Always striving to work with compassion, kindness and dedication!

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