About me

Andreea Coscai is currently an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Media, Communications and Chinese at Bennington College in Vermont, USA. She has vast experience in media, focusing on portraying multicultural and gender issues in video work and podcasts. In 2016 and 2017 she published 2 research books: “In HighSchool” and “In HighSchool in China”, the latter being a culmination of her 2-year IB degree at UWC Changshu China. Her activity also includes political work in the office of Romanian MP and Vital Voices fellow Oana Bîzgan. During her time at Mrs. Bîzgan’s office, she wrote political statements, questionings to Ministries and conducted video projects. Always aiming to approach social and political issues from multiple perspectives, she also worked as a Production Assistant at the San Francisco Mime Troupe, a 60-year-old political theater company in California, USA.

Don’t let other people define who you are! Do it yourself.

She also has experience of coordinating volunteering activities in groups of over 20 people, as well as multiple internationally-recognized prizes in public speaking. Moreover,her multicultural volunteering experience in teaching (in Poland, China and Romania) and TEFL certification qualify her as a trusted educator and leader. In April 2020 she founded “Her Time România”, an intersectional feminist community in hopes of supporting young women towards leadership through networking. To attain these goals, HerTime provides a community of support, informs a young audience on various gender and social issues, and amplifies women’s voices. She hopes to expand this community to an international level, the next planned branch being Her Time USA in 2021.

Always striving to work with compassion, kindness and dedication!

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